Safety is at the foundation of everything we do. It is a core value that is an expectation, not a goal. As a company, our number one goal is to have everyone return home safe every day. We currently have annual, quarterly and daily safety meetings. These meetings are broken down into a tiered outline. During our annual safety meeting we will go over significant events that have occurred in the industry that are relevant do our daily tasks. Our quarterly meetings are usually interactive with employees bringing “the goods and the bads” that have happened through-out the quarter. This gives us a chance to talk about any issues that may have arose within our safety culture. Daily meetings are done first thing in the morning at the site meeting location. This gives us the opportunity to share anything safety related in real time. This gives us the best chance to catch issues before they arise. We also have a safety scan expectation. Every employee is expected¬† to do this when returning to their work location. This scan entails looking at their surroundings to see if anything has changed or become unsafe.



By having safety at our core, we have been able to achieve an EMR of .74. We continue to strive for zero.

We have a 100% stop work clause. If anyone at anytime sees anything unsafe, they are obligated to stop work until the issue is resolved. Even if we see something happening with another contractor, employees are not allowed to just walk away. We know that even small items that seem insignificant can amplify into a catastrophe. By having a whole crew focused on safety, this allows us to be more productive by not having multiple safety stand-downs.