Construction is an ever-growing industry, with new processes and ideas being introduced daily. With these changes comes the need to be able to adapt quickly. Whether you are dealing with mother nature or scheduling conflicts, Reger Companies is dedicated to helping fulfill all of your needs. Over the years we have been involved with all aspects of the construction process.

From the beginning, we have instilled safety, efficiency, integrity, and excellence into everything we do. When Reger Companies steps onsite, our team of qualified individuals will guarantee your project is done right.


Owner Industry experience - 20 Years
Bridge Experience – 20 years
Post Tension Experience – 17 years
Commercial/Industrial Experience – 15 years


I started Reger Companies with a goal, a goal to provide the best service in the industry. Although there have been a few bumps along the way, we continue to grow and thrive in this competitive environment. My number one goal is for all of us to go home safely to our families every day.

Reger Companies has a hybrid approach, everyone has an opportunity to give input. We feel Communication will always be the key to our success. I have an open-door policy. I expect anyone with an issue to know they can bring it to me at any time. This has been one of the keys to our success, by keeping the lines of communication open, we can help each other solve any issue that may come up unexpectedly.

Reger Companies looks forward to making your next project a success.

Mike Reger

Reger Companies Founder